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Twice a year, Ovimex publishes its own relationship magazine, D-Tales. In 2005, we focused a special edition around Digital Printing, to inform customers about the possibilities of digital printing and to obtain information from our customers.

1100 relationships received an e-mail inviting them to compose their own copy of D-Tales. Customers could log in online to verify their own name and address information and to correct this information where necessary, to answer some personal questions (favorite color, pet, etc) and to participate in a short survey about Digital Printing. Based on the personal preferences, a personal copy of D-Tales was created. A story about the favorite pet was included, special events that happened in the birth year of the reader were described and an article about a desired topic was included. The response to the e-mail invitation was significant: 35 percent composed their own D-Tales. For the other relationships, Ovimex filled in the variables, and an accompanying article explained what the impact on the content of the magazine was. Ovimex converted the outcome of the survey into a memo booklet, which was later sent to the participants, accompanied by a paper chart and a print example chart of PMS colors in a personalized ‘Blackbox’ mailing

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