Diviande is a market oriented company with over 24 years of experience in processing, exact portioning and packaging of quality meat, venison and poultry. Established in a modern equipped building in Twello , where the latest production equipment is produced under controlled directives.

Diviande is BRC (higher level) certified by Lloydís. Diviande supplies to catering, food service, flight catering and retail, both in the Netherlands and in other European countries.

A product in the top line of Diviande requires a label that doesn’t just look perfect, but contains all data that meets the strict EU requirements.

Up to 2005, the labels of all meat types were printed in offset and placed in stock at Ovimex. Through the internet application The Store, the labels were ordered on demand by Diviande. These orders were determined by the production of the upcoming week. The combination of many different types of labels in stock, but mainly the notion that Diviande was looking for a concept to immediately respond to the product, has led to a unique concept.

We found the solution in the combination of an internet application and digital printing. Ovimex developed the application used by Diviande to determine the full content of every label. Very important is the variable date that needs to be printed on every label, which is a requirement of the EU requirements.

The quality and appearance are fully preserved, and there is no need to keep labels in stock. Every week, Diviande informs us of the order, and the labels are delivered by Ovimex within 3 work days.

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