Digitaal printing in 11 colors

Yes, that’s right, digital printing in one pass, with a total of 11 colors! Ovimex reached a ‘digital’ milestone on June 9th 2010.

One of our European clients asked us the following for a mailing;

I would like to print a picture on transparent film. This in itself is not a problem, but the challenge would soon be added. The final result should be as such that when turning the film over, the back side of the picture is visible. This concerns a picture of a number of soccer players (a DM promotion for WC 2010), so when looking at the front I would like to see their faces, and at the back their backs with numbers.

Digital printing is possible in combination with film, but film can only be pulled through a digital press once. A huge challenge, but by using Sandwich printing, we pulled it off!

In one pass, we printed as follows;

  • Full-color back side players
  • 3 coatings digital white ink
  • Full color front side players

This final result is a double side picture, printed at one side on the film. Printing with white ink on our HP/Indigo presses made this possible. In short; a ‘digital’ milestone.

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