Colorful and functional website CardXL

For CardXL, Ovimex developed a colorful, functional websites allowing customers to created and order their cards quickly and easily.

CardXL is part of publisher J.H. de Bussy in Amsterdam. This printing office specializes in printing traditional announcements such as birth announcements, wedding announcements, Christmas cards and other invitations. CardXL also wanted an online internationally oriented sales channel for these cards. In order to achieve this, CardXL called on the IT professionals of Ovimex. The result is as effective as it is versatile: multilingual e-commerce solution where accessibility is paramount.

Versatile customization
The website of CardXL is a prime example of effective customization; fully tailored to the needs of the customer. The assignment? Managing multiple collections and multiple languages (Dutch, German, Flemish and Walloon) within one management system. CardXL should be able to manage the administration of the order history online. Customers should be able to pay online in an easy and safe manner. In case of special promotions, the website even has a discount system that allows customers to pay a reduced amount after entering the correct discount code.

Colorful and functional
The colorful and inviting website allows customers to order a card quickly, in four simple steps. During the order process, the customer enters its own text and chooses the font and the color. The system automatically calculates the printing costs and processes the payment online through iDeal. Since the launch of CardXL, the website is frequently optimized in order to enhance the experience for customers.
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