Long tradition in printing

Ovimex has a long tradition in printing quality, even though the company started out as a trading company. Right after WWI, young trader Hendrik (Henne) Veldwachter from Colmschate makes a bold move. He has the opportunity to trade paint markers domestically and abroad under the wings of Philip van Son en Co. This is how the trademark Ovimex was established (Overijsselse Im- en Exportmaatschappij). What started in a shed as a small trading company, developed over a 100 years into a modern, multimedia service provider.

The beginning of Ovimex
From a small shed, Ovimex is continuously growing. Henne acquires a small platen press from a bankrupt company and together with Derk Slot, pressman, he embarks into the world of printing. The company has no membership of any printing organization and, due to this, lacks recognition, however, they still see demand for printed products increase. When Ovimex needs more space to operate, the company moves to a store in the Gieterijstraat in the Raam district.

Years of growth
In 1933 Henne Veldwachter acquires a part of the characteristic buildings from bankrupt ironworks company NV. Deventer and machine factory v/h J.L. Nering Bögel en Co at the Hallenstraat. One year later, Ovimex moves to the engine room, remodeled by architect L. Menting from Olst. At this new location, Ovimex sees business thrive in the decades that follow. The developments in the graphic market are positive.

With great strides
In the sixties, Ovimex decides to invest into a rotary press. Using rubber printing plates, the stamp booklets of the Vivo are printed, among other things. The transition to the new phenomenon offset, means a great step forward for Ovimex, in particular with regard to quality. The company continues to grow and in 1989 Ovimex moves into the current building at the Herfordstraat in Deventer.

Digital challenge
In 1990, paper still is one of the main information carriers. The ‘careful’ introduction of digital printing techniques and the Internet, the spectrum of information carriers has become much broader and more challenging halfway the nineties. Ovimex accepted this challenge. We have developed multimedia techniques into concepts, and have included these into our services. This way, we are able to provide you with the best solution at all times.

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