Ovimex has the knowledge, the craftsmanship and the technology to support your communication activities with services and product. And we like to take it just one step further. Our passion is creating solutions allowing you to fully focus on your core business.

Digital decisiveness
With Ovimex as a partner in your communications process, you have direct access to a wide range of traditional and new media carriers. An effective process starts with the complete digitization of your data, forming the basis of your communicative outings. Ovimex can do this for you, allowing for unlimited possibilities for distributing information at any time.

Targeted and personal
The era of large amounts of unsolicited printing is over. Means of communication are most effective if they are personal and targeted. And of course, professional and high quality. Ovimex has both the expertise and the technical facilities to realize this.

Ovimex takes it one step further
The services of Ovimex stretch beyond applying or combining these information carriers. From designing and guarding your corporate identity to various printing solutions, from high quality offset to digital services and from finishing to storage and distribution: you can count on Ovimex for every aspect of your transfer of information!

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